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a tool powered by an electric motor or a gasoline engine.
a tool powered by electricity


An extremely hardworking student: power tools cramming all night


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  • Power-train

    noun 1. a train of gears and shafting transmitting power from an engine, motor, etc., to a mechanism being driven.

  • Power transmission grid

    An electrical supply distribution network that carries electricity from a power plant to the user. High-power transmission lines can carry electricity between local grids in order to balance supply and demand. Power is frequently sold by producers in one region of the country to a more distant region that may have a shortage. Note: Engineers […]

  • Power-trip

    noun, Slang. 1. an act or instance of exerting one’s power, authority, or influence: a new supervisor on a power trip. noun phrase A show of personal power, esp of a blatant sort: the classic Latin American dictator’s power trip [mid-1960s+; based on the narcotics sense of trip]

  • Power user

    noun any person who knows enough about a computer or other device to take full advantage of its advanced features

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