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a brand of bar-shaped food intended for use especially by athletes, having a high carbohydrate and low fat content with protein and vitamin supplements.


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  • Power-assisted

    noun 1. a procedure for supplementing or replacing the manual effort needed to operate a device or system, often by hydraulic, electrical, or mechanical means. adjective 1. (of the steering or brakes in a motor vehicle) helped by mechanical power

  • Power-base

    noun 1. a source of authority or influence, especially in politics, founded on support by an organized body of voters, ethnic minority, economic class, etc.: His election as governor gives him a power base for seeking the presidency.

  • Power beads

    noun a bracelet or necklace of rounded beads worn to improve the spiritual well-being of the wearer depending on the type of bead or its color Examples The tiger eye power beads have a calming effect on the wearer.

  • Power behind the throne

    A person with great influence who stays behind the scenes and has no apparent authority. For example, Harry may be the CEO, but it’s obvious that his wife is the power behind the throne. [ Mid-1800s ]

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