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[pot-suh-lan-ik, -lah-nik] /ˌpɒt səˈlæn ɪk, -ˈlɑ nɪk/

(of a cement admixture) having properties similar to those of .


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    [pot-swoh-lee; Italian pawt-tswaw-lee] /pɒtˈswoʊ li; Italian pɔtˈtswɔ li/ noun 1. a seaport in SW Italy, near Naples: Roman ruins. /Italian potˈtswɔːli/ noun 1. a port in SW Italy, in Campania on the Gulf of Pozzuoli (an inlet of the Bay of Naples): in a region of great volcanic activity; founded in the 6th century bc […]

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    [pot-suh-lah-nuh; Italian pawt-tsaw-lah-nah] /ˌpɒt səˈlɑ nə; Italian ˌpɔt tsɔˈlɑ nɑ/ noun 1. a porous variety of volcanic tuff or ash used in making hydraulic cement. /ˌpɒtswəˈlɑːnə/ noun 1. a type of porous volcanic ash used in making hydraulic cements 2. any of various artificial substitutes for this ash used in cements

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    /ˈpɒzɪ/ noun (pl) pozzies 1. a variant spelling of possie

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