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Polymorphic Programming Language. An interactive, extensible language, based on APL, from Harvard University.
[“Some Features of PPL – A Polymorphic Programming Language”, T.A. Standish, SIGPLAN Notices 4(8) (Aug 1969)].


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  • Ppl a.

    participial adjective

  • Pplambda

    language essentially the first-order predicate calculus superposed upon the simply-typed polymorphic lambda-calculus. PPLambda is the object language for LCF. [“Logic and Computation: Interactive Proof with Cambridge LCF”, L. Paulson, Cambridge U Press, 1987]. (1995-05-01)

  • PPLO

    1. . PPLO abbr. pleuropneumonialike organism pleuropneumonia-like organism

  • Pple


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