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a playful trick, often involving some physical agent or means, in which the victim is placed in an embarrassing or disadvantageous position.
a prank or trick usually intended to make the victim appear foolish


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  • Practically

    [prak-tik-lee] /ˈpræk tɪk li/ adverb 1. in effect; virtually: It is practically useless to protest. 2. in a manner: to think practically. 3. from a point of view: Practically speaking, the plan is not very promising. 4. almost; nearly: Their provisions were practically gone. /ˈpræktɪkəlɪ; -klɪ/ adverb 1. virtually; almost: it has rained practically every […]

  • Practicalness

    [prak-ti-kuh l] /ˈpræk tɪ kəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to or action: practical mathematics. 2. consisting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action: a practical application of a rule. 3. of, relating to, or concerned with ordinary activities, business, or work: a habitual dreamer, who can’t be bothered with practical affairs. 4. adapted […]

  • Practical-nurse

    noun 1. a person who has not graduated from an accredited school of nursing but whose vocation is caring for the sick. practical nurse prac·ti·cal nurse (prāk’tĭ-kəl) n.

  • Practical-reason

    noun 1. (in Kantian ethics) reason applied to the problem of action and choice, especially in ethical matters. noun (philosophy, logic) 1. the faculty by which human beings determine how to act 2. reasoning concerning the relative merits of actions 3. the principles governing arguments which issue in actions or intentions to act

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