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the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services:
The productivity of the group’s effort surprised everyone.
Economics. the rate at which goods and services having exchange value are brought forth or :
Productivity increased dramatically last year.
Grammar. the ability to form new words using established patterns and discrete linguistic elements, as the derivational affixes -ness and -ity .
Contemporary Examples

The CEO describes the company as a “productivity and platform company.”
Bill Gates’ Internet Doomsday Prophesy Comes True Kyle Chayka July 16, 2014

In the end, Knudsen knew what Romney knows: that jobs are the result of productivity and profits, not the other way around.
Bill Knudsen’s Business Skills Saved the U.S. at the Dawn of World War II Arthur Herman June 15, 2012

Waking up with the roosters in the morning does have its benefits, from a productivity standpoint.
Redesigning Their Lives Renata Espinosa June 3, 2009

If you want to increase your productivity, light can play a big role.
Change Your Sense: Biohacking for Beginners Ari Meisel March 17, 2014

In this scenario, productivity will rise, but wages may stagnate or decline.
In the Future We’ll All Be Renters: America’s Disappearing Middle Class Joel Kotkin August 9, 2014

Historical Examples

River flood-plains are almost always densely peopled because of their productivity.
Commercial Geography Jacques W. Redway

There is a waste of time and productivity in all of the grades of the elementary schools.
The New Education Scott Nearing

The productivity, the adaptability of the American economy is the solid foundation-stone of our security structure.
Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to 2006 Various

The intrinsic relation of productivity is the same in both cases.
Distributive Justice John A. (John Augustine) Ryan

In the feminine soul conflict apparently results not in tragedy and productivity, but in morbidness and hysteria.
The Evolution of Love Emil Lucka

the output of an industrial concern in relation to the materials, labour, etc, it employs
the state of being productive

1809, “quality of being productive,” from productive + -ity. An earlier word for this was productiveness (1727). Economic sense of “rate of output per unit” is from 1899.

In business, a measure of worker efficiency, such as one hundred units per hour. In economics, involvement in the creation of goods and services to produce wealth.


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