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Economics. the theory, practice, or system of fostering or developing domestic industries by protecting them from foreign competition through duties or quotas imposed on importations.
any program, policy, or system of laws that seeks to provide for property owners, wildlife, the environment, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Out of fidelity to the special interests in the unions, Herbert Obama also flirts with protectionism.
Two Men Blind to History Harold Evans October 26, 2008

protectionism for the industrial trade unions, then still important.
Romney at CPAC David Frum February 9, 2012

The now infamous Chinese tire-incident sparked cries of protectionism that although subdued, are not forgotten.
Obama’s Pittsburgh Checklist Nomi Prins September 22, 2009

In times of economic crisis, xenophobia blooms along with political conflict, protectionism and, in some places, racism.
Alabama Immigration Law Ensnares People You Wouldn’t Expect Moises Naim December 17, 2011

Apart from anything else, protectionism would be ruinous to developing countries.
The Big Idea: How Commerce Spreads Contagion Mark Harrison January 17, 2013

Historical Examples

protectionism on the Continent and in the United States may protract the advent of the inevitable in some degree.
British Socialism J. Ellis Barker

protectionism is bad for everyone involved – especially for economic engines.
After the Rain Sam Vaknin

The Whigs were then in power; but they were defeated in the presidential election of 1844, when the main issue was protectionism.
Liberty In The Nineteenth Century Frederic May Holland

These are seven of the fundamental Falsities of protectionism.
Principles of Political Economy Arthur Latham Perry

protectionism, and the attitude of which it was born and which it bred in turn, was still firmly entrenched in both countries.
The Canadian Dominion Oscar D. Skelton


1846, from protectionist + -ism.


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