Sony Playstation

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  • Ps 440

    language The system implementation language for the Telefunken TR 440 computer, developed by K. Lagally in about 1974. (2003-07-29)

  • PSA

    1. prostate specific antigen: a protein, produced by the prostate, elevated levels of which may indicate the presence of cancer. 1. Psalm; Psalms. abbreviation 1. prostatic specific antigen: an enzyme secreted by the prostate gland, increased levels of which are found in the blood of patients with cancer of the prostate 2. (in New Zealand) […]

  • Ps-algol

    Persistent ALGOL. ca 1981, released 1985. A derivative of S-ALGOL. Database capability derived from the longevity of data. “The PS- Algol Reference Manual”, TR PPR-12-85, CS Dept, U Glasgow 1985. IBM PC version available from CS Dept, U Strathclyde, Glasgow.

  • Psalm

    noun 1. a sacred song or hymn. 2. (initial capital letter) any of the songs, hymns, or prayers contained in the Book of Psalms. 3. a metric version or paraphrase of any of these. 4. a poem of a similar nature. noun 1. (often capital) any of the 150 sacred songs, lyric poems, and prayers […]

  • Psalmbook

    noun 1. a book containing psalms for liturgical or devotional use.

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