noun, Ecology.
a sere originating on sand or sandy soil.

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  • Psammous

    psammous psam·mous (sām’əs) adj. Sandy.

  • Psamtik I

    noun 1. king of Egypt 663–609 b.c. (son of Necho I).

  • Psap

    PSAP Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program

  • PSAT

    Trademark. 1. Preliminary SAT/National Merit Qualifying Test.

  • Psather

    language A parallel extension of Sather for a clustered shared memory model. It features threads synchronised by monitor objects (“gates”); locality assertions and placement operators. There is an implementation for the CM-5. [“pSather Monitors: Design, Tutorial, Rationale and Implementation”, J.A. Feldman et al, TR-91-031 and TR-93-028, ICSI, Berkeley, CA]. (1995-03-13)

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