characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing:
aggressive acts against a neighboring country.
making an all-out effort to win or succeed; competitive:
an aggressive basketball player.
vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness:
an aggressive salesperson.
boldly assertive and forward; pushy:
an aggressive driver.
emphasizing maximum growth and capital gains over quality, security, and income:
an aggressive mutual fund.

(of a disease or tumor) spreading rapidly or highly invasive; difficult or impossible to treat successfully.
pertaining to a risky surgery or treatment, or to a medication that has grave side effects:
aggressive chemotherapy.

quarrelsome or belligerent: an aggressive remark
assertive; vigorous: an aggressive business executive

aggressive ag·gres·sive (ə-grěs’ĭv)

Inclined to behave in a hostile fashion.

Tending to spread quickly, as a tumor; fast-growing.

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