pseudobulbar pseu·do·bul·bar (sōō’dō-bŭl’bər, -bär’)
Appearing to be due to a bulbar lesion.

Read Also:

  • Pseudobulbar paralysis

    pseudobulbar paralysis n. Paralysis of the lips and tongue, with uncontrolled laughing or crying and difficulty in speaking and swallowing. It simulates progressive bulbar paralysis, and is due to cerebral lesions with bilateral involvement of the upper motor neurons.

  • Pseudocarp

    noun 1. accessory fruit. noun 1. a fruit, such as the strawberry or apple, that includes parts other than the ripened ovary Also called false fruit, accessory fruit pseudocarp (s’də-kärp’) See accessory fruit.

  • Pseudocartilage

    pseudocartilage pseu·do·car·ti·lage (sōō’dō-kär’tl-ĭj) n. See chondroid tissue. pseu’do·car’ti·lag’i·nous (-kär’tl-āj’ə-nəs) adj.

  • Pseudocast

    pseudocast pseu·do·cast (sōō’də-kāst’) n. An elongated ribbonlike mucous thread occurring in the urine, having poorly defined edges and pointed or split ends and resembling a urinary cast.

  • Pseudocereal

    [soo-doh-sir-ee-uh l] /ˈsu doʊˌsɪr i əl/ noun 1. any of several plants, as buckwheat and quinoa, that produce fruits and seeds used as flour but are not of the grass family.

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