pseudochorea pseu·do·cho·re·a (sōō’dō-kô-rē’ə, -kə-)
A spasmodic disease or generalized tic resembling chorea.

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  • Pseudochromesthesia

    pseudochromesthesia pseu·do·chro·mes·the·sia (sōō’dō-krō’mĭs-thē’zhə) n. A form of synesthesia in which printed vowels or vowel sounds produce imaginary sensations of color. See color hearing.

  • Pseudochromhidrosis

    pseudochromhidrosis pseu·do·chrom·hi·dro·sis (sōō’dō-krōm’hĭ-drō’sĭs, -hī-) n. A condition characterized by pigment on the skin that appears to be colored sweat but is actually local sites of active pigment-forming bacteria.

  • Pseudocirrhosis

    pseudocirrhosis pseu·do·cir·rho·sis (sōō’dō-sĭ-rō’sĭs) n. See cardiac cirrhosis.

  • Pseudoclassic

    [soo-doh-klas-ik] /ˌsu doʊˈklæs ɪk/ adjective 1. falsely or spuriously classic. 2. imitating the classic: the pseudoclassic style of some modern authors.

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