Psychiatry. characterized by or afflicted with psychosis.
Synonyms: (in nontechnical usage) insane, psychopathic, lunatic, mentally ill; mad, disturbed, deranged, demented, non compos mentis.
Antonyms: sane; compos mentis, clearheaded, lucid.
Psychiatry. of or relating to psychosis: psychotic symptoms;
psychotic delusion.
(loosely) mentally unstable:
The man who threw a stone through the convenience store window must be psychotic.
Synonyms: loony, crazy, nutty, nuts, bonkers; kooky, cuckoo, daft, batty, screwy, potty.
intensely upset, anxious, or angry; crazy:
My dad gets so psychotic when I come home even a little bit late.
Synonyms: crazed, furious, enraged, wrathful, irate, incensed, infuriated; livid, pissed off.
Psychiatry. a person afflicted with psychosis.
Synonyms: (in nontechnical usage) psychopath, madman, maniac, lunatic.
(loosely) someone who is mentally unstable:
I always cross the street when I have to go past that homeless shelter; it’s full of psychotics.
Synonyms: nut, kook, cuckoo, loony, loon.
someone who exhibits extreme emotion or behavior:
My brother turns into a complete psychotic whenever his team loses.
Synonyms: lunatic, maniac, psycho.
of, relating to, or characterized by psychosis
a person experiencing psychosis

psychotic psy·chot·ic (sī-kŏt’ĭk)
Of, relating to, or affected by psychosis. n.
A person affected by psychosis.

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