noun, plural pterygiums, pterygia
[tuh-rij-ee-uh] /təˈrɪdʒ i ə/ (Show IPA). Ophthalmology.
an abnormal triangular mass of thickened conjunctiva extending over the cornea and interfering with vision.

pterygium pte·ryg·i·um (tə-rĭj’ē-əm)
n. pl. pte·ryg·i·ums or pte·ryg·i·a (-ē-ə)
An abnormal mass of tissue arising from the conjunctiva of the inner corner of the eye that obstructs vision by growing over the cornea.
pte·ryg’i·al adj.

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  • Pterygo-

    pterygo- pref. Pterygoid; pterygoid process: pterygomandibular.

  • Pterygoid

    pterygoid pter·y·goid (těr’ĭ-goid’) adj. Of, relating to, or located in the region of the sphenoid bone. Resembling a wing; winglike. n. Either of two processes descending from the body of the sphenoid bone.

  • Pterygoid canal

    pterygoid canal n. An opening through the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone through which an artery, vein, and nerve pass.

  • Pterygoid nerve

    pterygoid nerve n. Either of two motor branches of the mandibular nerve, designated lateral and medial, supplying the lateral and medial pterygoid muscles.

  • Pterygoid process

    /ˈtɛrɪˌɡɔɪd/ noun 1. (anatomy) either of two long bony plates extending downwards from each side of the sphenoid bone within the skull pterygoid process n. A long process of the sphenoid bone extending downward from the junction of its body and great wing.

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