(informal) a pubic hair

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  • Puberal

    adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of puberty. puberal pu·ber·al (pyōō’bər-əl) or pu·ber·tal (-bər-tl) adj. Of or relating to puberty.

  • Pubertal

    adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of puberty.

  • Puberty

    noun 1. the period or age at which a person is first capable of sexual reproduction of offspring: in common law, presumed to be 14 years in the male and 12 years in the female. noun 1. the period at the beginning of adolescence when the sex glands become functional and the secondary sexual characteristics […]

  • Puberulent

    adjective, Botany, Zoology. 1. minutely pubescent. adjective 1. (biology) covered with very fine down; finely pubescent

  • Pubes

    noun, plural pubes. Anatomy. 1. the lower part of the abdomen, especially the region between the right and left iliac regions. 2. the hair appearing on the lower part of the abdomen at puberty. noun 1. plural of pubis. noun, plural pubes [pyoo-beez] /ˈpyu biz/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. that part of either innominate bone […]

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