noun, plural pubes
[pyoo-beez] /ˈpyu biz/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
that part of either innominate bone that, with the corresponding part of the other, forms the front of the pelvis.
noun (pl) -bes (-biːz)
one of the three sections of the hipbone that forms part of the pelvis

pubis pu·bis (pyōō’bĭs)
n. pl. pu·bes (-bēz)

See pubic bone.

The hair of the pubic region just above the external genitals.

A pubic hair.

See mons pubis.

Plural pubes (py’bēz)
The forwardmost of the three bones that fuse together to form each of the hipbones. See more at skeleton.

pubic adjective

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