Public enterprise

economic activity by governmental organizations Compare private enterprise (sense 1)

any economic activity carried out by the government; also, a business or industry controlled by the government

Utilities (gas, electricity, etc.), broadcasting, telecommunications, and certain forms of transport are examples of public enterprise.
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  • Public expenditure

    noun 1. spending by central government, local authorities, and public corporations

  • Public-eye

    noun 1. public attention or notice; limelight: a politician who keeps out of the public eye.

  • Public footpath

    noun 1. a footpath along which the public has right of way

  • Public gallery

    noun 1. the gallery in a chamber of Parliament reserved for members of the public who wish to listen to the proceedings Also called strangers’ gallery

  • Public goods

    plural noun 1. services such as national defence, law enforcement, and road building, that are for the benefit of, and available to, all members of the public

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