Public spending

expenditure by central government, local authorities, and public enterprises

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  • Public-spirited

    [puhb-lik-spir-i-tid] /ˈpʌb lɪkˈspɪr ɪ tɪd/ adjective 1. having or showing an unselfish interest in the public welfare: a public-spirited citizen. public-spirited adjective 1. having or showing active interest in public welfare or the good of the community

  • Public switched telephone network

    communications (PSTN, T.70) The collection of interconnected systems operated by the various telephone companies and administrations (telcos and PTTs) around the world. Also known as the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) in contrast to xDSL and ISDN (not to mention other forms of PANS). The PSTN started as human-operated analogue circuit switching systems (plugboards), progressed […]

  • Public-television

    noun 1. a type of noncommercial, usually educational, television programming funded by the government, grants, viewers, and corporations. Compare educational television.

  • Public transportation

    noun any form of transportation that charge set fares, run fixed routes, and are available to the public such as buses, subways, ferries, and trains

  • Public-trust

    noun 1. charitable trust. charitable trust noun 1. a trust designed for the benefit of the general public, as for educational or other charitable purposes (opposed to private trust). charitable trust noun 1. a trust set up for the benefit of a charity that complies with the regulations of the Charity Commissioners to enable it […]

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