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  • Puckered

    verb (used with or without object) 1. to draw or gather into wrinkles or irregular folds, as material or a part of the face; constrict: Worry puckered his brow. noun 2. a wrinkle; an irregular fold. 3. a puckered part, as of cloth tightly or crookedly sewn. 4. Archaic. a state of agitation or perturbation. […]

  • Puckerood

    adjective 1. (NZ, informal) ruined; exhausted

  • Puckery

    adjective 1. puckered. 2. puckering. 3. tending to pucker.

  • Puck hog

    noun 1. (hockey:Ice, informal) a player who is reluctant to pass the puck to other members of his or her team

  • Puckish

    adjective, (often initial capital letter) 1. mischievous; impish.

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