a thick, soft dessert, typically containing flour or some other thickener, milk, eggs, a flavoring, and sweetener:
tapioca pudding.
a similar dish unsweetened and served with or as a main dish:
corn pudding.
British. the dessert course of a meal.
Nautical. a pad or fender for preventing scraping or chafing or for lessening shock between vessels or other objects.
a sweetened usually cooked dessert made in many forms and of various ingredients, such as flour, milk, and eggs, with fruit, etc
a savoury dish, usually soft and consisting partially of pastry or batter: steak-and-kidney pudding
the dessert course in a meal
a sausage-like mass of seasoned minced meat, oatmeal, etc, stuffed into a prepared skin or bag and boiled
see: proof of the pudding

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