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  • Pugdog

    noun 1. pug1 (def 1).

  • Puget

    noun 1. Pierre (pjɛr). 1620–94, French Baroque sculptor, best known for his Milo of Crotona (c. 1680)

  • Puget-sound

    noun 1. an arm of the Pacific, in NW Washington. noun 1. an inlet of the Pacific in NW Washington. Length: about 130 km (80 miles)

  • Puggaree

    noun 1. pugree.

  • Pugged

    verb (used with object), pugged, pugging. 1. to knead (clay or the like) with water to make it plastic, as for brickmaking. 2. to fill or stop with clay or the like. 3. to pack or cover with mortar or the like, as to deaden sound. 4. to mix with water so as to form […]

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