a variant of pilau

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  • Pulaski

    noun 1. Count Casimir [kaz-uh-meer] /ˈkæz əˌmɪər/ (Show IPA), 1748–79, Polish patriot; general in the American Revolutionary army. 2. a town in SW Virginia. 3. Fort. Fort Pulaski. noun 1. a double-edged hand tool having an ax blade on one side and a pickax or wide chisel on the opposite side, used especially in clearing […]

  • Pulau pinang

    /ˈpʊlaʊ pɪˈnæŋ/ noun 1. another name for Penang

  • Pulchritude

    noun 1. physical beauty; comeliness. noun 1. (formal or literary) physical beauty

  • Pulci

    noun 1. Luigi (ˈlwiːdʒi). 1432–84, Italian poet. His masterpiece is the comic epic poem Morgante (1483)

  • Pule

    verb (used without object), puled, puling. 1. to cry in a thin voice; whine; whimper. verb 1. (intransitive) to cry plaintively; whimper

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