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Pull something out of the fire

verb phrase

To salvage something; rescue: They got hot and pulled the game out of the fire (1893+)


Read Also:

  • Pull-tab

    noun 1. a metal tab or ring that is pulled to uncover the precut opening in a can or other container.

  • Pull teeth

    verb phrase To do something in the most difficult way; do something the hard way (1970s+ Armed forces) •Fr earlier pull teeth through the armpit

  • Pull the plug

    verb phrase [fr the disconnecting of an electrical plug] verb phrase To dive in a submarine; submerge [1970s+ Navy; fr the withdrawing of a bathtub plug]

  • Pull the rug from under

    verb phrase To undermine or disable; put opponents at a great and often sudden disadvantage: They were intended to pull the rug out from under left-wing critics (1946+)

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