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Pulling teeth

see: like pulling teeth


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  • Pull it off

    verb phrase To accomplish something; succeed; make it: pull it off and keep the patients coming back for more (1887+)

  • Pullman

    [poo l-muh n] /ˈpʊl mən/ Trademark. 1. plural Pullmans. a railroad sleeping car or parlor car. noun, plural Pullmans for 2. 2. (often lowercase). Also called Pullman case. a large suitcase. 3. George Mortimer, 1831–97, U.S. inventor and railroad car designer. [poo l-muh n] /ˈpʊl mən/ noun 1. a city in SE Washington. /ˈpʊlmən/ noun […]

  • Pullman-kitchen

    noun 1. a kitchenette, often recessed into a wall and concealed by double doors or a screen.

  • Pull media

    messaging A model of media distribution were the bits of content have to be requested by the user, e.g. normal use of HTTP on the World-Wide Web. Opposite: “push media”. (1997-04-10)

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