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[puhl-yuh-leyt] /ˈpʌl yəˌleɪt/

verb (used without object), pullulated, pullulating.
to send forth sprouts, buds, etc.; germinate; sprout.
to breed, produce, or create rapidly.
to increase rapidly; multiply.
to exist abundantly; swarm; teem.
to be produced as offspring.
verb (intransitive)
(of animals, etc) to breed rapidly or abundantly; teem; swarm
(of plants or plant parts) to sprout, bud, or germinate

1640s, noun of action from pullulate.

1610s, from Latin pullulatus, past participle of pullulare “put forth, grow, sprout, shoot up, come forth,” from pullulus, diminutive of pullus “young animal” (see foal (n.)). Related: Pullulated; pullulating.


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