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pulmon- pref.
Variant of pulmono-.


Read Also:

  • Pulmonary adenomatosis

    pulmonary adenomatosis n. A neoplastic disease in which the alveoli and distal branches of the bronchi are filled with mucus, characterized by abundant production of sputum, chills, fever, cough, dyspnea, and pleuritic pain.

  • Pulmonary

    [puhl-muh-ner-ee, poo l-] /ˈpʌl məˌnɛr i, ˈpʊl-/ adjective 1. of or relating to the lungs. 2. of the nature of a lung; lunglike. 3. affecting the lungs. 4. having lungs or lunglike organs. 5. pertaining to or affected with disease of the lungs. /ˈpʌlmənərɪ; -mənrɪ; ˈpʊl-/ adjective 1. of, or relating to or affecting the […]

  • Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

    pulmonary alveolar proteinosis n. A chronic progressive lung disease of adults characterized by alveolar accumulation of granular proteinaceous material and little inflammatory cellular exudate.

  • Pulmonary-artery

    noun, Anatomy. 1. an artery conveying venous blood from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs. noun 1. either of the two arteries that convey oxygen-depleted blood from the heart to the lungs pulmonary artery n. pulmonary artery The artery that carries blood with low levels of oxygen from the right ventricle of […]

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