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Pulmonary insufficiency

pulmonary insufficiency n.
Valvular insufficiency involving the pulmonary valve.


Read Also:

  • Pulmonary ligament

    pulmonary ligament n. The reflection of the pleura from the mediastinum to the lung, continuing as a two-layered fold below the root of the lung.

  • Pulmonary opening

    pulmonary opening n. The opening of the pulmonary trunk from the right ventricle that is guarded by the pulmonary valve.

  • Pulmonary murmur

    pulmonary murmur or pulmonic murmur n. An obstructive or regurgitant murmur produced at the pulmonary orifice of the heart.

  • Pulmonary plexus

    pulmonary plexus n. Either of two autonomic plexuses, designated anterior and posterior, at the hilus of each lung, formed by branches of the vagus nerve and of the sympathetic and bronchial nerves, and from which branches accompany the bronchi and arteries into the lung.

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