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pulpitis pul·pi·tis (pŭl-pī’tĭs)
Inflammation of dental pulp.


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  • Pulpitum

    /ˈpʊlpɪtəm/ noun 1. (in many cathedrals and large churches) a stone screen which divides the nave and the choir, often supporting a gallery or loft

  • Pulpless

    [puhlp] /pʌlp/ noun 1. the soft, juicy, edible part of a fruit. 2. the pith of the stem of a plant. 3. a soft or fleshy part of an animal body. 4. Also called dental pulp. the inner substance of the tooth, containing arteries, veins, and lymphatic and nerve tissue that communicate with their respective […]

  • Pulp nodule

    pulp nodule n. See pulp stone.

  • Pulpotomy

    [puhl-pot-uh-mee] /pʌlˈpɒt ə mi/ noun, plural pulpotomies. Dentistry. 1. the removal of infected portions of the tissue in a tooth, used as a therapeutic measure to avoid pulpectomy. pulpotomy pul·pot·o·my (pŭl-pŏt’ə-mē) n. Surgical removal of a portion of the dental pulp, usually of the coronal portion. Also called pulp amputation.

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