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[puhl-som-i-ter] /pʌlˈsɒm ɪ tər/

a pulsimeter.
a pump without pistons, utilizing the pressure of steam and the partial vacuum caused by the condensation of steam alternately in two chambers.
another name for pulsimeter
a vacuum pump that operates by steam being condensed and water admitted alternately in two chambers


Read Also:

  • Pulsus

    pulsus pul·sus (pŭl’səs) n. A pulse.

  • Pulsus alternans

    pulsus alternans n. See alternating pulse.

  • Pulsus celer

    pulsus celer pulsus cel·er (sěl’ər) n. A pulse beat swift to rise and fall.

  • Pulsus differens

    pulsus differens pulsus dif·fer·ens (dĭf’ə-rěnz’) n. A condition in which the pulses in the two radial arteries differ in strength.

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