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the climactic phrase or sentence in a joke, speech, advertisement, or humorous story that produces the desired effect.
the culminating part of a joke, funny story, etc, that gives it its humorous or dramatic point

noun phrase

The last line or part of a joke, which makes it funny; kicker, zinger: I remember the jokes, but not the punch lines (1921+)


Read Also:

  • Punch-list

    noun, Informal. 1. a list of unfinished matters that require attention.

  • Punch-out

    [puhnch-out] /ˈpʌntʃˌaʊt/ noun 1. a small section of cardboard or metal surrounded by perforations so that it can be easily forced out. 2. Slang. a fistfight or brawl. noun A fistfight; brawl; fisticuffs (1970s+)

  • Punch-press

    noun, Machinery. 1. a power-driven machine used to cut, draw, or otherwise shape material, especially metal sheets, with dies, under pressure or by heavy blows.

  • Punch-spoon

    noun 1. a spoon having a pierced bowl and a barbed end for removing fruit, ice, etc., from punch.

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