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Punctate hyalosis

punctate hyalosis n.
A form of hyalosis characterized by minute opacities in the vitreous humor.


Read Also:

  • Punctate keratitis

    punctate keratitis n. See precipitate.

  • Punctate keratoderma

    punctate keratoderma n. An inherited disorder in which horny papules, often with central craters, develop on the palms, soles, and fingers.

  • Punctatim

    [poo ngk-tah-tim; English puhngk-tey-tim] /pʊŋkˈtɑ tɪm; English pʌŋkˈteɪ tɪm/ adverb, Latin. 1. point for point.

  • Punctation

    [puhngk-tey-shuh n] /pʌŋkˈteɪ ʃən/ noun 1. punctate condition or marking. 2. one of the marks or depressions.

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