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[puhngk-choo-eyt] /ˈpʌŋk tʃuˌeɪt/

verb (used with object), punctuated, punctuating.
to mark or divide (something written) with marks in order to make the meaning clear.
to interrupt at intervals:
Cheers punctuated the mayor’s speech.
to give emphasis or force to; emphasize; underline.
verb (used without object), punctuated, punctuating.
to insert or use marks of .
verb (mainly transitive)
(also intransitive) to insert punctuation marks into (a written text)
to interrupt or insert at frequent intervals: a meeting punctuated by heckling
to give emphasis to

1630s, “to point out,” from Medieval Latin punctuatus, past participle of punctuare, from Latin punctus (see point (n.)). Meaning in reference to text, “to have pauses or stops indicated,” is from 1818, probably a back-formation from punctuation. Hence, “interrupted at intervals” (1833). Related: Punctuated; punctuating.


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  • Punctulate

    [puhngk-choo-leyt, -lit] /ˈpʌŋk tʃʊˌleɪt, -lɪt/ adjective 1. studded with minute points or dots.

  • Punctum cecum

    punctum cecum punctum ce·cum (sē’kəm) n. See blind spot.

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    punctum punc·tum (pŭngk’təm) n. pl. punc·ta (-tə)

  • Punctum vasculosum

    punctum vasculosum punctum vas·cu·lo·sum (vās’kyə-lō’səm) n. One of the minute dots seen on a brain section, due to small drops of blood at the cut extremities of arteries.

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