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[puhp-ee] /ˈpʌp i/

noun, plural puppies.
a young dog, especially one less than a year old.
Fox Hunting. a foxhound that has hunted regularly for less than one season.
(def 2).
a presuming, conceited, or empty-headed young man.
noun (pl) -pies
a young dog; pup
(informal, derogatory) a brash or conceited young man; pup

late 15c., “woman’s small pet dog,” of uncertain origin but likely from Middle French poupée “doll, toy” (see puppet). Meaning shifted from “toy dog” to “young dog” (1590s), replacing Middle English whelp. In early use in English puppet and puppy were not always distinct from each other. Also used about that time in sense of “vain young man.” Puppy-dog first attested 1590s (in Shakespeare, puppi-dogges). Puppy love is from 1823. Puppy fat is from 1937.



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    noun a place where puppies are bred for profit; also called puppy mill Examples Snoopy was born and raised at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. Word Origin 1946

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    noun 1. fatty tissue that develops in childhood or adolescence and usually disappears by maturity

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    [puhp-ee-foo t] /ˈpʌp iˌfʊt/ noun, plural puppyfeet. Cards. 1. the ace of clubs. 2. any card of the club suit.

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