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Purchase ledger

(commerce) a record of a company’s purchases of goods and services showing the amounts paid and due


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  • Purchaser

    [pur-chuh s] /ˈpɜr tʃəs/ verb (used with object), purchased, purchasing. 1. to acquire by the payment of money or its equivalent; buy. 2. to acquire by effort, sacrifice, flattery, etc. 3. to influence by a bribe. 4. to be sufficient to buy: Twenty dollars purchases a subscription. 5. Law. to acquire (land or other property) […]

  • Purchase-tax

    noun, British. 1. a sales tax on nonessential and luxury goods. noun 1. (Brit) a tax levied on nonessential consumer goods and added to selling prices by retailers

  • Purchasing-agent

    noun 1. a person who buys materials, supplies, equipment, etc., for a company. 2. an independent buyer acting as a hired agent.

  • Purchasing-power

    noun 1. Also called buying power. the ability to purchase goods and services. 2. the value of money in terms of what it can buy at a specified time compared to what it could buy at some period established as a base: the purchasing power of the dollar.

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