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[pur-duh] /ˈpɜr də/

noun, (in India, Pakistan, etc.)
the seclusion of women from the sight of men or strangers, practiced by some Muslims and Hindus.
a screen, curtain, or veil used for this purpose.
the custom in some Muslim and Hindu communities of keeping women in seclusion, with clothing that conceals them completely when they go out
a screen in a Hindu house used to keep the women out of view
a veil worn by Hindu women of high caste
(informal) hiding or isolation: the Treasury is currently locked in pre-budget purdah

1800, from Urdu and Persian pardah “veil, curtain,” from Old Persian pari “around, over” (from PIE *per- (1); see per-) + da- “to place”, from PIE *dhe- “to set, put” (see factitious).


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