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noun, Genetics.
a uniform strain of organisms that is relatively pure genetically because of continued inbreeding and artificial selection.
a breed or strain of animals or plants in which certain characters appear in successive generations as a result of inbreeding or self-fertilization


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  • Purelink

    An incremental linker from Pure Software.

  • Pure lisp

    A purely functional language derived from Lisp by excluding any feature which causes side-effects.

  • Purely

    [pyoo r-lee] /ˈpyʊər li/ adverb 1. in a manner; without admixture. 2. merely; only; solely: purely accidental. 3. entirely; completely. 4. innocently, virtuously, or chastely. /ˈpjʊəlɪ/ adverb 1. in a pure manner 2. entirely: purely by chance 3. in a chaste or innocent manner adv. late 13c., from pure + -ly (2).

  • Purely functional language

    language A language that supports only functional programming and does not allow functions to have side-effects. Program execution consists of evaluation of an expression and all subexpressions are referentially transparent. (2003-03-25)

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