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[pur-guh-tiv] /ˈpɜr gə tɪv/

or cleansing, especially by causing evacuation of the bowels.
a purgative medicine or agent; cathartic.
a drug or agent for purging the bowels
causing evacuation of the bowels; cathartic

late 14c., from Old French purgatif (14c.) and directly from Late Latin purgativus, from purgat-, past participle stem of Latin purgare (see purge (v.)). The noun is attested from early 15c. (Old English medical texts have clænsungdrenc).

purgative pur·ga·tive (pûr’gə-tĭv)
An agent used for purging the bowels. adj.
Tending to cause evacuation of the bowels.
pur’ga·tive adj.


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