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noun, Carpentry.
(in a curb roof) a purlin at the top of a lower slope supporting the ends of the upper rafters at the curb.


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  • Purulent ophthalmia

    purulent ophthalmia n. Purulent conjunctivitis, usually of gonorrheal origin.

  • Purulent synovitis

    purulent synovitis n. See suppurative arthritis.

  • Puruloid

    [pyoo r-uh-loid, pyoo r-yuh-] /ˈpyʊər əˌlɔɪd, ˈpyʊər yə-/ adjective, Medicine/Medical. 1. resembling pus. puruloid pu·ru·loid (pyur’ə-loid’, pyur’yə-) adj. Resembling pus.

  • Purusha

    [poo r-uh-shuh] /ˈpʊər ə ʃə/ noun, Hinduism. 1. (in Sankhya and Yoga) one’s true self, regarded as eternal and unaffected by external happenings.

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