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  • Pursed

    [purs] /pɜrs/ noun 1. a woman’s handbag or pocketbook. 2. a small bag, pouch, or case for carrying money. 3. anything resembling a purse in appearance, use, etc. 4. a sum of money offered as a prize or reward. 5. a sum of money collected as a present or the like. 6. money, resources, or […]

  • Pursed lips breathing

    pursed lips breathing n. A technique, used by patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, in which air is inhaled slowly through the nose and mouth and exhaled slowly through pursed lips.

  • Purse-proud

    [purs-proud] /ˈpɜrsˌpraʊd/ adjective 1. proud of one’s wealth, especially in an arrogant or showy manner.

  • Purser

    [pur-ser] /ˈpɜr sər/ noun 1. an officer on a ship who handles financial accounts and various documents relating to the ship and who keeps money and valuables for passengers. /ˈpɜːsə/ noun 1. an officer aboard a passenger ship, merchant ship, or aircraft who keeps the accounts and attends to the welfare of the passengers n. […]

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