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[poo sh-fuh l] /ˈpʊʃ fəl/

self-assertive and aggressive; .


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  • Push-in

    [poo sh-in] /ˈpʊʃˌɪn/ adjective 1. (of a crime) accomplished by waiting until a victim has unlocked or opened the door before making a forced entry.

  • Pushiness

    [poo sh-ee] /ˈpʊʃ i/ adjective, pushier, pushiest. Informal. 1. obnoxiously forward or self-assertive. /ˈpʊʃɪ/ adjective (informal) pushier, pushiest 1. offensively assertive or forceful 2. aggressively or ruthlessly ambitious adj. “forward, aggressive,” 1894 of persons (1891 of a cow), from push (v.) + -y (2). Related: Pushily; pushiness.

  • Push-in robbery

    noun phrase A violent burglary or mugging done as the victim opens the door (1976+)

  • Pushing

    [poo sh-ing] /ˈpʊʃ ɪŋ/ adjective 1. that . 2. enterprising; energetic. 3. tactlessly or officiously aggressive; forward; intrusive. [poo sh] /pʊʃ/ verb (used with object) 1. to press upon or against (a thing) with force in order to move it away. 2. to move (something) in a specified way by exerting force; shove; drive: to […]

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