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[poo sh-oh-ver] /ˈpʊʃˌoʊ vər/

Informal. anything done easily.
Informal. an easily defeated person or team.
Informal. a person who is easily persuaded, influenced, or seduced.
Rocketry. a displacement in a horizontal direction of the trajectory of a missile or rocket.
Aeronautics. .
noun (informal)
something that is easily achieved or accomplished
a person, team, etc, that is easily taken advantage of or defeated

also push-over, 1900 of jobs or tasks; 1922 of persons (bad boxers and easy women), from push (v.) + over (adv.).


: He wasn’t a pushover kind of cat



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  • Pushout

    [poo sh-out] /ˈpʊʃˌaʊt/ noun, Informal. 1. (def 5).

  • Push paper

    Do administrative, often petty, paperwork. For example, She spent the whole day pushing paper for her boss. [ ; second half of 1900s ]

  • Pushpin

    [poo sh-pin] /ˈpʊʃˌpɪn/ noun 1. a short pin having a spool-shaped head of plastic, glass, or metal, used for affixing material to a bulletin board, wall, or the like. 2. an early children’s game. 3. Archaic. child’s play; triviality. /ˈpʊʃˌpɪn/ noun 1. (US & Canadian) a pin with a small ball-shaped head

  • Push-plate

    noun 1. a rectangular protective plate of metal, plastic, ceramic, or other material applied vertically to the lock stile of a door.

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