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[puhs-choo l] /ˈpʌs tʃʊl/

Pathology. a small elevation of the skin containing pus.
any pimplelike or blisterlike swelling or elevation.
a small inflamed elevated area of skin containing pus
any small distinct spot resembling a pimple or blister

late 14c., from Old French pustule (13c.) and directly from Latin pustula “blister, pimple,” from PIE imitative root *pu- (1) “blow, swell,” on notion of “inflated area” (cf. Sanskrit pupphusah “lung,” Greek physa “breath, blast, wind, bubble,” Lithuanian puciu “to blow, swell,” Old Church Slavonic puchati “to blow”). Cf. emphysema. Related: Pustulant; pustular.

pustule pus·tule (pŭs’chōōl, pŭs’tyōōl)

A small inflamed swelling of the skin that is filled with pus.


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