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Put back

verb (transitive, adverb)
to return to its former place
to move to a later time or date: the wedding was put back a fortnight
to delay or impede the progress of: the strike put back production severely


Read Also:

  • Put back the clock

    see: set back , def. 3.

  • Put behind one

    Try to forget, make an effort not to be bothered by, as in He had to put that failed negotiation behind him and make a fresh start. [ Mid-1800s ]

  • Put-block

    noun 1. Also called block. a platform from which an auctioneer sells: the old courthouse where slaves were sold from the auction block. Idioms 2. put on the auction block, to offer for sale at auction; offer to sell to the highest bidder. Also, put on the block. [blok] /blɒk/ noun 1. a solid mass […]

  • Put daylight between

    verb phrase To separate things, esp to separate oneself from someone or something disadvantageous: The President is trying hard to put daylight between himself and the National Rifle Association (1970s+)

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