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Put it in your ear

verb phrase

To insert something figuratively into one’s ear as a means of contemptuous disposal; stick it •Mild euphemistic forms of stick it up your ass, used for reduced effect and among friends: It was easy to say things like ”take it in the ear” to them. They didn’t get it (1940s+)


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  • Put it mildly

    Understate, say without exaggeration, as in It’s a fairly long way to walk, to put it mildly—twenty miles or so. [ First half of 1900s ]

  • Put it on ice

    verb phrase To make victory certain; ensure success: Back-to-back doubles put it on ice in the ninth inning (1918+)

  • Put it on the line

    verb phrase To speak candidly and straightforwardly; tell it like it is: They are more likely to give it to you if you lay it on the table (1940s+) Related Terms lay it on the line

  • Put it on the street

    verb phrase To disclose something, esp rather publicly: So we put it on the street that she was leaving (1970s+)

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