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[noun poo t-on, -awn; adjective poo t-on, -awn] /noun ˈpʊtˌɒn, -ˌɔn; adjective ˈpʊtˈɒn, -ˈɔn/

noun, Informal.
an act or instance of putting someone on.
a prank or pretense, especially one perpetrated or assumed in mock seriousness; hoax; spoof.
affected manner or behavior; pretentiousness.
assumed, feigned, pretended, or disguised:
a put-on manner that didn’t fool anyone.

“ruse, deception,” 1937, from earlier adjectival meaning “assumed, feigned” (1620s), a figurative extension of the notion of putting on costumes or disguises; from put (v.) + on (adv.). The expression put (someone) on “play a trick on” seems to be a back-formation from the noun.


Feigned; affected: his put-on machismo (1621+)



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