Put someone on the floor

verb phrase

To please someone enormously; PUT someone or something AWAY, KNOCK someone OUT: Schaefer said the strip ”put me on the floor” (1970s+)

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  • Put someone on the spot

    verb phrase

  • Put someone on to someone

    verb phrase To introduce someone; get someone access to: that little Andronica you put me onto (1887+)

  • Put someone out of his or her misery

    1. Kill a wounded or suffering animal or person, as in When a horse breaks a leg, there is nothing to do but put it out of its misery. [ Late 1700s ] 2. End someone’s feeling of suspense, as in Tell them who won the tournament; put them out of their misery. [ c. […]

  • Put someone out

    verb phrase To impose upon; cause inconvenience (1940s+)

  • Put someone right

    see: put right

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