Put someone up

verb phrase

To provide lodging for (1800+)
see: put up , def. 5.

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  • Put someone up to

    Incite someone to do something, especially a mischievous or malicious act. For example, My brother put me up to making those prank telephone calls, or They didn’t think of it on their own; someone put them up to it. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Put someone up to something

    verb phrase To incite or persuade someone: I know who did it, but not who put him up to it (1824+)

  • Put something across

    verb phrase

  • Put something on the street

    verb phrase To make known publicly something that others may not want known: put it on the street that he was into illegal stuff

  • Putt

    [puht] /pʌt/ Golf. verb (used with or without object) 1. to strike (the ball) gently so as to make it roll along the green into the hole. noun 2. an act of putting. 3. a stroke made in putting. /pʌt/ noun 1. a stroke on the green with a putter to roll the ball into […]

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