Put the make on someone

verb phrase

To make sexual advances; MAKE A PASS AT someone: The codger was horny and put the make on the lady cop (1970s+)

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  • Put them in the aisles

    Related Terms lay them in the aisles

  • Put the moves on

    verb phrase To try to seduce someone:put the moves on her lab partner

  • Put the pedal to the metal

    modifier Regulating or deregulating highway speeds: President Clinton will sign what friends and foes alike call ”the pedal to the metal bill” verb phrase To accelerate; go fast; give it the gun: Bolan settled back on creaky springs, and put the pedal to the metal (1980s+)

  • Put the screws to someone

    verb phrase To use extreme coercive pressure; harass; PUT THE HEAT ON someone: The only reason Fidel agreed was to put the screws to Reagan [1940s+; fr a torturer’s use of thumbscrews; put the screws on is found by 1834]

  • Put the skids on

    Bring to a halt, as in The school committee put the skids on the idea of a dress code. The word skid here probably refers to a shoe or drag that applies pressure to the wheel of a vehicle to prevent it from moving.

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