Put to the test

Try or check out something or someone, as in This tall grass will put our new lawnmower to the test, or Let’s put Harry to the test and see if he knows the last 20 World Series winners. [ Mid-1600s ]

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  • Putt-putt

    [puht-puht, -puht] /ˈpʌtˈpʌt, -ˌpʌt/ noun, verb (used without object) 1. . [puht-puht, -puht] /ˈpʌtˈpʌt, -ˌpʌt/ noun 1. the sound made by a small internal-combustion engine or imitative of its operation. 2. Informal. a small internal-combustion engine, or something, as a boat or model airplane, equipped with one: the sound of distant put-puts on the lake. […]

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