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[poo t-uhp] /ˈpʊtˌʌp/

adjective, Informal.
planned beforehand in a secret or crafty manner:
a put-up job.


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  • Put-up job

    noun phrase A prearranged matter; a contrived affair: The surprise award was a put-up job (1838+) A prearranged conspiracy, especially a crime such as a burglary. For example, The police suspected that the butler was in on it—it was a put-up job. This colloquial phrase was first recorded in 1810.

  • Put-upon

    [poo t-uh-pon, -pawn] /ˈpʊt əˌpɒn, -ˌpɔn/ adjective 1. imposed upon; ill-used.

  • Put up or shut up

    sentence PUT one’s MONEY WHERE one’s MOUTH IS (1878+) Act on what you are saying or stop talking about it, as in You’ve been citing evidence for months but never presented it—now put up or shut up. This somewhat impolite term, often put as a command, is believed to come from gambling, in which a […]

  • Putz

    [puhts] /pʌts/ noun, Slang. 1. fool; jerk. 2. Vulgar. . /pʌts/ noun 1. (US, slang) a despicable or stupid person n. “obnoxious man, fool,” 1964, from Yiddish, from German putz, literally “finery, adornment,” obviously used here in an ironic sense. Attested in writing earlier in slang sense of “penis” (1934, in “Tropic of Cancer”). A […]

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